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10th Series of AAFES POGs offer moving glimpses into patriotism

DALLAS ? The Army & Air Force Exchange Service?s (AAFES?) newest series of flat, disc-like gift certificates known as ?POGs? are being introduced to Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines at more than 60 Base/Post Exchanges throughout Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom.

Given as change to troops at AAFES-run retail facilities throughout the contingency theater, the 10th POG series features a new twist as three of the 38 new designs have been designed as lenticulars. Capable of showing depth and motion when viewed at an angle, one lenticular image has been included in all three of the 10th POG series? denomination sets.  

As is the case with standard POGs, each of the three lenticular images is unique with a 5-cent piece boasting a B-2 Bomber that seems to swoop under the St. Louis arch, patrolling troops who look as if they?re advancing on anyone holding the 10-cent POG and a 25-cent disc featuring twin beams of light that appear to rise up from the World Trade Center site.

?Anyone who has seen any of the preceding nine POG series knows that many of the patriotic images featured can amuse, inspire and even provoke thought,? said AAFES? Chief Marketing Officer Richard Sheff. ?I think the new lenticulars take that emotional connection up a notch as subtle movements create powerful, dramatic and eye-catching imagery.?

While POGs can be redeemed at any AAFES exchange in the world, they are only distributed at contingency BX/PX operations due to the expense of transporting heavy coins into a war zone.

Since being introduced at exchanges throughout the Middle East in late 2001, POGs have gotten the attention of numismatic and military collectors across the globe.

?The reaction has been unbelievable,? said Sheff. ?Not only are there sites dedicated to cataloging each series, but we have even seen POGs show up as collectibles on online auction sites.?

The game of POGs originated in the 1920s on the Hawaiian island of Maui. There dairy workers played the game during breaks using simple milk caps. POGs stand for an acronym for a popular Hawaiian drink made from passion fruit, oranges and guava juices. The game is played with disc-like objects which have pictures on their face side. Mass appeal has followed since reintroduction of the game in the 1990s. A complete inventory of all 10 AAFES POG series are available at

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