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MEDIA CONTACT: Jeanne McDonald
RELEASE NO. 04-007
RELEASE DATE: January 2004

Exchange Makes Big Change in Small Change - New Change at Contingency Exchanges

MAINZ-KASTEL, Germany--AAFES Introduces New POG Gift Certificates for use as Change at Contingency Operations

Those serving America at current contingency locations may notice something new, a change in, well change at their supporting exchange facility. AAFES is currently producing an entire new series of POG gift certificates for use by our troops in contingency operations overseas. Some may already be familiar with POG gift certificates previously used at some OEF locations, lightweight, readily recognizable coated disks. Now this concept has been enhanced with a new series featuring a total of 36 eye-catching designs.

Like the original series, these new POG gift certificates are intended for use as change in remote locations where coins are not readily available. Using POG gift certificates for small change reduces shipments of bulky, base metal coins to some contingency locations while maximizing availability of goods and services. POG gift certificates will only be used for change until coins become available at locations and will be redeemable at any AAFES facility. Additionally, even at OIF/OEF locations where coins are not available, POG gift certificates can still be exchanged for cash, in even dollar amounts.

The new designs include powerful images featuring OEF/OIF action. AAFES's Treasury Division was instrumental in selecting a series of 36 different designs that are both captivating and relevant to the Middle East operations. All the artwork was performed in-house by the AAFES marketing staff. Selected designs pay tribute to OEF and OIF theater activities, with images of traditional operations and cutting edge weaponry. Examples of images included in the new series range from fighter and transport planes to artillery and missile launches, and much more.

Although designed exclusively for use overseas, these coin substitutes have already generated collector interest stateside even before the introduction of the new series. A recent article brought to the attention of AAFES's Treasurer featured AAFES's POG gift certificates in a publication devoted to collecting. This positive coverage came in the April edition of the monthly journal produced by the ANA, a congressionally chartered and eminent organization in the field of numismatics, money related collectibles.

These POGs represent the lengths AAFES will go to provide goods and services to America's fighting men and women anywhere in the world by providing an active presence in locations where even things as mundane as change require special effort and initiative. AAFES is committed to providing goods and services to service members, as well as supporting MWR, and continues to live by the motto, "We go where you go."

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