How does the numbering system work? The system Numispedia uses is designed to be hierarchical to aid the collector in easily sorting his pogs (much like using a YYMMDD date format allows for easier digital sorting of documents). This intuitive approach should make it easier for collectors to look at a number and immediately have an idea of which pog is being described. The number consists of three units. In order, they are: the series, the denomination, and the specific pog. The only hangup to this is that the third unit is somewhat arbitrarily assigned. But, in order to maintain harmony, Numispedia has adopted the order used by the AAFESpogs .com website (allowing for easy conversion between the two systems ;) ). The first unit is simply the number of the series. The second, because looking at three sets of numbers in a row would be annoying and confusing, is a letter: A, B or C. This letter represents the denomination, A being a nickel, B is a dime and C is a quarter. The third unit is always a two digit number. That means the first dime in series two would be 2-B-01, not 2-B-1. This helps in sorting and also differentiates the third unit from the first. To find out the difference between 2-B-01 and 2-B-02, see the checklist below!

What about varieties! If you find a variety, just tack on a lowercase b to the standard number for that pog. If you find a variety of 2-B-01, the original would become 2-B-01a and the new variety would be 2-B-01b. Of course, we only consider changes in design elements to be "varieties". What you will usually find is a pog missing the OEF/OIF overprint. If a pog is simply printed off-center that is called an error. To describe an error pog, give the appropriate number and describe the error: 2-B-01b, 30% off-center. (And please always give us a heads up if you find a new variety or error! Pictures are great!)

When there are "with/without" varieties they will always take this designation: The variety with an overprint will receive "a", whereas the version without the overprint will be "b". Example: 6-C-07a versus 6-C-07b. This doesn't necessarily speak to the scarcity of one over the other, but does provide a uniform system of numbering. Only "withs" with a known "without" will take the "a" designation: meaning 3-C-03 is sufficient. Any other varieties found to be common (that is, not simple errors) will be dealt with as they are discovered.


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Series One
( print only this checklist )

  • ___   1A01 - 1   Plain design, no picture
  • ___   1B01 - 2   Plain design, no picture
  • ___   1C01 - 3   Plain design, no picture

Series Two
The only picture series without dates.
( print only this checklist )

  • ___   2B01 - 16   AC-130
  • ___   2B02 - 17   F-16s, flying right
  • ___   2B03 - 18   UH-60 Blackhawk and CH-47 Chinook
  • ___   2B04 - 19   MLRS system. "OIF".
  • ___   2B05 - 20   F-15, body
  • ___   2B06 - 21   Ammunition
  • ___   2B07 - 22   Soldiers fitting gas masks
  • ___   2B08 - 23   Howitzer
  • ___   2B09 - 24   Navy battleship firing
  • ___   2B10 - 25   Pilots entering F-15s
  • ___   2B11 - 26   Infantryman
  • ___   2B12 - 27   M1 Abrams
  • ___   2C01 - 28   CH-46 Sea Knight
  • ___   2C02 - 29   F-16 Fighting Falcon
  • ___   2C03 - 30   Closeup of soldier in a gas mask
  • ___   2C04 - 31   UH-1 Iroquois
  • ___   2C05 - 32   E-3A Sentry (AWACS)
  • ___   2C06 - 33   F-16 cockpit
  • ___   2C07 - 34  
  • ___   2C08 - 35  
  • ___   2C09 - 36   F/A-18
  • ___   2C10 - 37   "MOAB, Mother Of All Bombs", printed over image.
  • ___   2C11 - 38   UH-60, with soldier on exit ladder
  • ___   2C12 - 39   Front end of a Hummer in the field, driver's name: SGT Stewart

Series Three
With "2003" printed at top.
( print only this checklist )

  • ___   3A01 - 40   Medic giving young Afghan girl a check-up
  • ___   3A02 - 41   A 10th Mountain Division soldier manning the turret, flag in background
  • ___   3A03 - 42   Soldier on guard, flag flying to the left
  • ___   3A04 - 43   Afghan boy hugging soldier
  • ___   3A05 - 44   Fire crew wearing masks
  • ___   3A06 - 45   H-3 Sea King
  • ___   3A07 - 46   HSV-2 Swift (Navy catamaran)
  • ___   3A08 - 47   HH-65 Dolphin passing Statue of Liberty
  • ___   3A09 - 48   BX/PX downrange, OVPT: "We go where you go!"
  • ___   3A10 - 49   Flag background, OVPT: "Proudly serving those who serve. [AAFES logo]"
  • ___   3A11 - 50   KC-10 extender refueling a F/A-22 Raptor
  • ___   3A12 - 51   F/A-18 Hornet

Series Four
With "2004" printed at top, the word "AAFES" on the picture side is NOT in bold print.
( print only this checklist )


Series Five
With "2004" printed at top, the word "AAFES" on the picture side IS in bold print.
- There are two known varieties in this series.
( print only this checklist )


Series Six
With "2005" printed at top.
- There are two known varieties in this series.
( print only this checklist )

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